Emergency need

You are going to a professional event that was not planned this week-end and do not have time to shop until then ? You are invited to a wedding and want to avoid to wear the same dress are other guests ? You are looking for a smart and original suit ? You hate shopping ?

We offer you a one time help to answer a precise need. 

We will present you a fine selection according to your budget, at home, your office or in a parisian hotel*.

Price of ZIGZAG service : 200 €

Shop with an honest friend

You fanzy a shopping session with honest feedback ? Some of your clothes still have a label on ? You buy compulesively what you like but not what does suits you ?

We offer you a dedicated shopping session.

We will find together some outifs according to your budget and will give you precious advices to make your next purchases easier.

Price of ZIGZAG service : 240 €  (approx 2:30 hours)


Fashion detox

You keep your clothes sinon your 20’s just in case ? You wardrobe is full but you never now what to wear ? Your wadrobe is not consistent ?

We offer you help for a wadrobe diagnosis.

Our goal is to analyse clothes to keep, to recycle who need to be repare and to give you new combination to wear your clothes.

Price of ZIGZAG service : 240 € (approx 2:30 hours)


Dress Like a Parisian

You would like to get the french style ?  Inès de la Fressange or Jeanne Damas ake you dream ? We bring you to intimist parisian shops in order for you to get this efortless chic !

Price of ZIGZAG service : 200 € / 2:30 hours

Contact us for more info or for a dedicated estimate.

 *additional fees